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Investment Vehicles

Our goal is to build an up-to-date portfolio of frontier alternative investments. The portfolio is divided into specific alternative trading ideas. Each individual trading idea is incorporated into an onshore or offshore financial vehicle, available only to institutional and qualified/professional investors worldwide. To access our product-lines, the best option is always to use the easiest, cheapest and most efficient service through our partner banks.

Our investment vehicles range from: Hedge Funds, Actively Managed Certificates (PCC and SPC structures), Private Label Funds and Holding companies.

We work through vehicles in non-EU jurisdictions, in particular: CH, LI, Cayman Islands, UAE, Florida, Mauritius.

Our target audience are the SMEs, especially the Small business, microcompanies and single professionals. We work hard to help SMEs break free from the barriers imposed on them by the actual system of financial capitalism. We strive to connect our beloved SMEs to the institutional world.

We are proud to deal as much with the traditional economy as with the frontier economy. We are committed to helping the business people to switch from TradFi to Fintech, DeFi and Crypto-Exchanges, as much as to Gold&Silver asset protection schemes. That’s definitely the ultimate game changer to achieve financial and personal freedom.

At the same time, we focus on selecting the best fintech and crytpo-blockchain startups. Through our process of establishing investment vehicles, we are able to gather the best business ideas and make them available to a group of investors. In this way, the target company can access a sustainable growth path, but at the same time the founders will never lose the absolute majority of the shares.


Asset Protection

We manage both sides of the coin: the higher risk/return cluster is filled by our alternative investment solutions. But the lower one is still standing. Asset protection is not only about which asset class to invest in, but many other factors are involved in the equation:

 In which jurisdiction to book the asset
 In which bank
 In which asset classes to invest
 In which currencies
 In which, eventually, company structure
 Where and how to invest in Gold&Silver
 DeFi or CeFi : how to deal with cryptos
 Intermediated or disintermediated
 By which technical means / devices to open
and check your positions online
 Which instant messaging apps and emails
providers to use


Because we are active in several jurisdictions around the world, we are aware of and up-to-date on potential changes in the state of the economic, financial, and political ecosystem. These changes, which are often silent, are the main risk factor against the ultimate goal: to keep the real (inflation-adjusted) value of assets growing steadily and to keep assets available, liquid, confidential-oriented, and well guarder at all times.

Offshore Banking & Trading - Relocation of Enterpreneurs

Our updated pricelist for the current year:



Doing business in the real world has become way more difficult. Apparently, a bunch of business-friendly locations and banks are on the playing field. But when it comes to trying them out, here’s the trick. A lot of unforeseen and unknown problems can occur: the jurisdiction is not really tax-privileged for your specific purpose; the residency permit is much more difficult than you read about on the Internet; banks take a long time to check the kyc and get the job done; some banks are not safe and/or efficient as expected when you try them; company formation is not available throughout the country but only in a few specific areas; your specific business is not supported by the local ecosystem; doing investments in that area ain’t so easy like it seemed;  getting rid of your former country is much more difficult than expected. And so on. We could go on writing for a couple of hours.  Why do we know all the nuances? It is very simple, we have done it. First, we are entrepreneurs, we are not consultants.  Second, we are builders, not takers. First we did all the complete set-ups for ourselves in all our relevant jurisdictions. Only after that, we started attracting investors by providing our services and giving our contribution to help the country where we located in growing.

We are traders.  So if you run your valuable business successfully, immediately after that you should think about your offshore relocation.  Otherwise, if you have achieved such good results but lazily continue to stay in your leftist-oppressive country, why are you still working with your precios efforts and time? If your income before taxes is 100 and after taxes (and social security) is less than 50, why are you still running a business within that tax hell? You’d better liquidate it, go get a social income and spend your time on the couch. Make sense. Time to wake up.

Again, we have already done everything ourselves. You will just have to field your complete and transparent KYC and we will advise your properly. Remember, you are unique  and your children will thank you a lot in the future and admire you so much because you decided to move.


That’s why we help with:


  1. private investment & corporate bank accounts
  2. brokerage & crypto accounts/ crypto exchange set up (license request through our external legal partners)
  3. investment vehicles set up
  4. company formation (through our external legal partners)


In the following jurisdictions:

CH, LI, Cayman Islands, UAE, Florida, Mauritius.


We particularly focus specialize on :


  1. Commodity trading accounts
  2. Crypto accounts
  3. IFZA Dubai company formation – through our independent UAE based company  :


Crypto Advisory

As institutional traders, we run cryptocurrencies investment products among the others. We can provide the following services, internally or through our external partners:
Proprietary Crypto Fund

Our own product specializing in crypto trading through Phyton programming, ICO and crypto derivatives trading

Swiss/UAE Crypto Bank account opening

The ultimate and safest store of value for cryptos

DeFi wallet set up

Not your keys, not your coins

Asset tokenization

The issue of tokens as a certificate of rights to a real asset

Company formation with tokenized shares

Shares converted into a digital token using blockchain technology.

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